Sunday, 18 May 2014

Contributions and personal projects

Hello folks,

In order to provide wider problem solving approaches, new ways for working, professional evolvement ... I think it can be good to do some personal projects and to try to contribute to some open source ones.

In my side, I contribute quite modestly, time in time to Bind 10 Projects (recently renamed to Bundy
due to Kea/Bind10 splitting)

It is a much more modular than Bind 9, and uses C++ instead of C and several third party dependencies like the famous Boost components, Log4cpp, Botan (as encryption provider). It gives me the opportunity to work with very skilled developers. I contribute mostly to Kea, the DHCP4/6 Server. The most significant idea I provided is the PostgreSQL support.

Otherwise, as I m a Robot's hobbyist too, I made a very small project to communicate with RoboBuilder Series via Boost::Asio. Did not update since a certain time by lack of time but can already make the robot moving via serial port... But once again it is just a hobby I m far to be a specialist on robotic :-)

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