Sunday, 22 July 2018

Peak of the summer

Hi folks,

Hopefully you're enjoying the summer wherever it occurs :-)

Few updates since the last time, php7.3 will now use getrandom to have stronger randomness for random_* family functions. And speaking of randomness, finally nginx unit accepted my first patch :-)

Apart of this came back to static code analysis for LLVM a little, again string family functions checking while LLVM release freeze is approaching. Otherwise, the usual, fixing radare2 and couple of video games.

Also first time getting involved into programming language specs discussion targeted mainly for low resources machines but already multiplatform, Windows included, P# (not to be confused with the .NET one) while I fix few virtual machines bugs or adding few new functions. It is under active development ; we'll see how it goes ...

Some few events are scheduled for in some months but will keep you posted in due time as usual ;-)

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Sunny summer ?

Hi folks,

The sun is surprisingly present these days in the emerald island !

Couple of tiny updates, took my first take at golang mainly targeted at FreeBSD (anyway the usual OpenBSD contributors are already doing an excellent work :-)), small things really just adding get random support for FreeBSD 12.x we ll see in November ...

About the future php 7.3 version, the feature freeze time is for August ; so i try to push in similar manner this new getrandom usage ... Beyond that a lot of zend engine optimisations had been done since 7.2 among other things.

And LLVM, as promised now OpenBSD is able to run most of UBsan unit tests, for next will try to make available X-ray and maybe fuzzer ones.

Also noted gzdoom is going to be available as package on OpenBSD, after LMMS ; things start to be visible slowly but surely ;-) ...

Finally contributed to musl libc, pretty well reputated, to add explicit_bzero. They just started to discuss adding an arc4random implementation, the hardest part is the blocking side as always ... I do not think they will choose Chacha family though but ... we ll see.

Professionally a little loop back to Windows programming very shortly back to unixes :)

Enjoy your summer !

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Soon the summer ...

Hi folks,

While se slowly walk towards the next summer, there is still a joint BSD effort to fix our Intel CPUs security issues, Matt Dillon following Theo de Raadt advices like here ... The recent controversy in the last BSDCan between a couple of FreeBSD persons and Theo in the other hand is not something particularly a joy to see ... I believe there is other ways to display disagreements ... Beyond that, the last BSDCan had been fruitful regarding various reactions in social medias, in some weeks videos ought to be available to watch ...

Apart of this, the usual ... some LLVM commits here and there, next attempt would be to be able to have Ubsan's unit tests for OpenBSD ... , radare2 where I try to improve both FreeBSD and OpenBSD support ...

That is mainly it for now, looking for EuroBSDCon this next autumn :-)

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Friday, 1 June 2018

BSDMag ... as promised

Hi folks,

Short update in this beginning of June, finally my article went out in time.
No surprise it is all about LLVM sanitizers in BSD :-) As always, this is the current and future state before the next 7.0 release, highlighting tedious kamil's work for NetBSD, various individuals for FreeBSD and so on ...

I hope you'll enjoy the reading ;-)

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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Another spring update

Hi folks,

Since the last time, not much in term of amount of updates but, since the 22th of May, I became a legit LLVM contributor with commit access, feeling the rise of responsibility coming with it :-). Starting to commit my own work, first a fix for the static code analysis part of C string functions and a little msan test fix. Baby steps if you will ... One day, when more confident, will start to review and commit other people work if necessary.

Apart of this, the usual ... either fixing softwares/libraries for FreeBSD or OpenBSD, lastly with radare2 toolset (get praised by many people involved into security and gave a try myself recently ... reputation well deserved), nvi2 most of them used both personally and professionally ...

Also, trying to push barony into freebsd ports tree, it seems to get some interest ... it s a matter of a committer taking care of it now ... we ll see how it goes. I wish turningwheel having more gamers from it, they deserve it.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Flourishing May

Hi folks,

Right into the spring now, since the last post there is also rapid changes here and there :
- Finally Barony, following up the 3.1.4 release (and its availability on, had been imported into the OpenBSD ports tree, thanks to @bcallah, @thfr, and later on @solene for their tight collaboration so users of the future 6.4 release of OpenBSD will be able to play (if you re impatient, snapshots are always available). Import which led me to submit a PR for further improvements. The FreeBSD port is still under review.
- In the LLVM area, I nearly reached my goals whether it is into the sanitizer or the static analysis part ; even a little bit of LLDB if I can.
- Apart of these, did usual small contributions here and there, following up if X or Y still compile under our preferred BSD ...
- Back also to writing, still an article for BSDMag to finish hopefully before this summer.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

OpenBSD 6.3, clang 6.0 in base ...

Hi folks,

Since the last time, OpenBSD 6.3 had been released the network stack improvements finally available for everyone ;-) unfortunately the new MAP_STACK protection could not make it in time  (not entirely, the most important checking part is not here but was just committed very recently) so see you for 6.4 then ...

This is also, as FreeBSD, the opportunity to update clang in base, so the 6.0.x branch which leads to update quite some "legacy style" C++ softwares/libraries since it s C++17 by default, some updates are more complicated than others but usually are smooth ... I myself try to help out a little bit in this regard.

To keep on OpenBSD, after the UBSan support I worked on the Xray instrumentation and Fuzzer support. Will do a bit of static code analysis work afterwards but I realise the majority of my ideas went through LLVM and am surprised, the LLVM community is pretty welcoming in general :-)

Now it is the spring with "nicer" weather (if I can say that for Ireland :-)) and wish you enjoy it.

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