Saturday, 13 June 2015 with DeviceAtlas

Hi folks,

Today while reading my usual tech posts, I found an interesting small project,, which is a simple but fast web server written in C compatible with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD (but that can work under NetBSD by modifying a little bit the source code ;-)) and Darwin, an event driven one, the workers are per cpu (Linux, FreeBSD and Darwin). which allows to make easily a custom module. Indeed, if you have experience with making apache, nginx modules ... etc ... it's even easier than those ones ;-). So for this purpose, I used a DeviceAtlas API ... Basically it writes a json as a response which contains our usual properties from the user-agent given.

kore loads the small deviceatlas module

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I discussed briefly with the main developer, Joris Vink, quite responsive and nice person I'd say ... The only small downside which he admited himself is (at least for the moment) you cannot define new directives per module but you can easily add new ones no worries ;-) To run small web applications, kore should be sufficient, regarding its low memory usage (with the DeviceAtlas module, more or less 40 MB per worker) and speed (especially under Linux and FreeBSD).

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