Sunday, 10 August 2014

Geoloc and OpenBSD

Hi folks,

once again a rainy Sunday in Dublin but with my first significant open source contribution on my own : Geoloc daemon for OpenBSD which you can checkout in my github space here ...
It uses imsg's libutil (quite smart IPC system) like other system's daemons as an local unix socket service though. As its name suggests, it serves Geolocalization informations with some popular backends (Maxmind's GeoIP API, Device Atlas's Carrier Identification, might add IP2location's support pretty soon with some polishing).

I had considered other OSes before but then I decided to give a try to OpenBSD which I knew only as an user until now and was amazed by the consistency and the clarity of the whole source. So now I understand more why OpenBSD's folks are hard to people, it is for the better good :-) But some few ports to some sibling OSes are planned (at least another BSD ...), depends how things will go ... Besides doing pure C for awhile was not that bad, I really liked it :-)

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