Monday, 28 September 2015

Haproxy, Nginx and other things

Hi folks,

Recently, two main events occured, first the Nginx's conference from last week in Los Angeles where Afilias (the company I am working for), among other speakers, gave a speech about the benefits of the Mobile detection for any web application. Plus, like others noticed as well, the future feature, Nginx module DSO handling, was shown. Tengine, the popular Nginx's fork, does provide it since quite some time so it has to be better ;-)

Otherwise, Haproxy should release the next 1.6 version pretty soon (circa October I believe, the new dev6 tag should be now ...) and I updated the DeviceAtlas module and submitted some few bug fixes. And I also maintain it officially ;-) the next move, once the 1.6 (or 1.6.1) version is done, then to push it to FreeBSD net/haproxy port (the net/haproxy-devel port already supports it)

That's pretty much all :-)

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