Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Few updates

Hi folks,

Since the last time, some few updates ... Mostly some few hacking here and there, the last weekend I tried to fix valgrind for FreeBSD current which cannot work at the moment due to a new sysarch's command (not yet) handled, did a proper merge request and such but realised that the main maintainer, Stalisnav Sedov, does not seem much responsive as another folk before me did a merge request as well not noticed ... We will see. Also, I submitted to NetBSD mailing list a small (already old) project of mine which I wrote for OpenBSD originally last year, basically a unix socket which delivers geolocalisation information per ip address which is API agnostic hence can have several different backends ... Just needed some cleanups and some adaptations ...


That's pretty much all I ve achieved still some things not yet finished ;-) and ... ah the usual monthly article should arrive soon but maybe not that usual finally, you'll see.

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