Friday, 15 August 2014

Various things ...

Hi folks.

I was glad to write an article for Device Atlas the last time, hopefully I may do it again about a completely different topic :-) and will do my best to make it helpful ...

Besides, Bundy, the DNS server from ISC for which I have contributed a little bit, is still under development. In the end of the summer, I will probably go back to it, I have another some few ideas which can be useful I think. We will see, they accepted PostgreSQL support the last year after all ...

For last, I made another version of Geoloc daemon for FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD. The latter I don't know much, quite discovered it since some few months. What I know it is more than "just" a FreeBSD fork but also, in my point of view, the most innovative among all BSD. Matthew Dillon (not the actor ;-))  and the other core developers' priorities are less clear than others. But they try some different directions, DragonflyBSD has a very good specific filesystem (Hammer, which can challenge ZFS and Btrfs ... ), has clustering capabilities ... Besides, Dillon himself is very skilled, and always has reasonable, fair words and points of view ... never insults other competitors. Kind of behaviour I appreciate pretty much.

But for now vacations' time :-)

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