Tuesday, 27 December 2016

End of year ...

Hi folks,

Not a lot of news for this end of year, I hope you all enjoy your moments ;-)

As, least, there is the promised release of OpenSpades (to remind, there was no release since 2014), the 0.1.0 version here which among all the numerous changes, contains the little work I had done to make it workable under OpenBSD. I may try to make a package, we will see ;-)

Also another small change I try to push for the game OpenRCT2, for making it compilable and workable under FreeBSD (unfortunately not possible to do the same for OpenBSD, for the moment).

That s pretty much all, Haproxy since the 1.7 had a "rough" start but things are getting better and probably will have a really good version for early 2017.

At last, there is possibly a little surprise from me for 2017 ;-) ... we ll see.

Happy new year in advance !

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