Monday, 26 September 2016

FreeBSD 11

Hi folks,

Real followers of FreeBSD know already that despite FreeBSD 11 is not yet officially released, it is somehow available already for the impatients ;-) Well, speaking on this, due to the difference of pace with OpenBSD, the impression is pretty different. Indeed, I contributed in quite small amount back then circa 2014/2015 especially when I was into HardenedBSD (which I wish very good luck, no doubt they are successful), the difference with the now previous branch is quite enormous as you can see. In my side, I already look forward FreeBSD 12 :-) ...

For OpenBSD, a lot of work are done to push clang in base, mainly modifying the codebase to make it compilable with both gcc and clang, that might be all ready for 6.1 ? We ll see ... Apart of this, I continue my usual work, I plan to update jack(audio) and openal although other OpenBSD folks are very busy right now that might not happen too soon ;-) Ah and a small bunch of fixes were pushed to the next release of xserver, which I honestly did not expect to happen :-)

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