Monday, 27 March 2017

Plumbing again

Hi folks,

Next OpenBSD release will be 6.1, the first without CD release. Here the actual changelog if you are curious. A lot of work for ARM architectures have been done so far and recently quite an update of vmm as well among those changes. Impressive as always :-) My only contribution to the system is bringing back a handy function to dump memory statistics into gdb, since there is several memory pools, it was quite lost :-)

In my side I have been pushing around mainly fixes to some video games, programming languages so far ... or porting  ... mainly for OpenBSD, sometimes FreeBSD benefits it. To name some ... AssaultCube, php (the programming language I contribute the most apparently ...), LMMS (the expected release has delays but due to the complexity of the software ... plugins ... that s understable), OpenTomb, Daemon Engine, ... Apart of this I enjoy my article reviewer role for BSDMag and SDJournal pretty much :-)

I have some pending updates, I ll bring those up in near future hopefully ;-)

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