Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Summer time

Hi folks,

Back from holidays, @sthen and I updated apache webserver for OpenBSD due to securities issues before the 2.4.26 version.

The great talk about ZFS from our Dublin BSD Meetup just ended very well and one of the members expressed the willing to have a short talk for next, very interesting topic it should be. I ll have my own talk after his around October, I ll keep you posted, we still to set up few things before.

Nothing much fancy these days, I added proper FreeBSD support to doomretro lately and OpenBSD to gzdoom (I never played so much Doom games since a very long time :-)), little change for godot engine, and Regoth (e.g. for Gothic games). There are still few things ongoing but that s pretty much it. Now time soon for the second half of the summer :-)

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