Friday, 30 June 2017

FreeBSD talks and the rest ...

Hi folks,

Last week, we did a Dtrace session as Dublin BSD meetup. Was again quite interesting, lot of exchanges and side discussions. Since we mentioned dtrace, it is hard to forget the other well known feature, so ZFS. Knowing Anton and his taste of going through real time demos and real use cases, it will be not less interesting for sure. For the autumn, I have some ideas to vary a bit we will see in due time :-) Before that, I have to show up in few places to meet other BSD folks during the summer :-)

As usual, few contributions of mine, some projects starting with open :-) like openage, openrct2 (here it is just an update), opentoonz which I plan to port to *BSD in general (nearly complete just fix some linkage issue with *blas libraries). Also, fixed one of the doom client engine, doomretro, especially the Mac OS part, tested at least dozen of times the first level of Doom II :-)
Couple of small build fixes herethere or this one  ... brought a bit of arc4random's spirit into libbson recently as well, which is used by mongodb based projects. There are other few submissions still on review and so on we will see :-)

Meanwhile, have a great beginning of summer especially outside of the continuously rainy Ireland ;-)

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