Saturday, 12 March 2016

BSDMag ... long time no see !

Hi folks,

There is a new BSDMag issue, a story about a switch from Linux to FreeBSD, another article about the history of GUIs, two articles about Apple Swift programming languages, the first which is an introduction (mine) and the other for more advanced developers (Object lifecycle) and a couple of open source's ones. I hope you will enjoy the reading !

Writing an article about Swift led me to get interested to a similar programming language, Rust ! Anyway, in my opinion, knowing a language which has in base closures support, memory management safety, multi paradigm ... is a must have nowadays.

Apart of this, I stick on OpenBSD community (can be just updating packages or making some open source video games working as recently did a small patch for VDrift ...), and contribute time to time as usual to some open source projects.

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