Thursday, 10 August 2017

EuroBSDCon Paris

Hi folks,

Not too much news technically speaking, more due to the fact than many people are in vacations tho. Otherwise, professionally speaking, I started to implement a very basic memory leak/use after free checker (usable at run time); quite challenging since I never did such things before and I need to make it multi-thread usable, finding best way to keep track of pointers and all the related headaches you necessarily go through when you implement this kind of library. Basically it implements also "memory junk" like jemalloc or OpenBSD malloc stats does. Well, probably not great and only for internal usage but it does the job pretty reliably at least :-)

Above all, I finally decided to attend my first EuroBSDCon which appears to happen in Paris. Before I was a bit reluctant but finally wanted to give it a try with the hope to meet people I admire and know only by email :-) Can be FreeBSD, OpenBSD or NetBSD no problems :-)

See you there hopefully ;-)

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