Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hardened BSD, ASLR + PIE, and so forth ...

Hi folks,

What happened to me recently it s basically "a dream comes true" ... kind of.
Indeed, Shawn Webb (and Oliver Pinter), the men behind Hardened BSD (which is originally to bring proper ASLR support on FreeBSD), wrote me that :

Hey David,

Oliver and I would like to add you as a direct contributor to the
HardenedBSD project. We've looked over your pull requests and have been
impressed with your code. Would you like to become an official developer
for the project?


Even after nearly 14 years of experience, I was quite shaked by those words, coming from an important person. I extended the goal of HardenedBSD by also providing security fixes in the base userland and he trusted me since the beginning. So I m thankful for his generosity, I won't forget ;-).
It existed before some unofficial ASLR projects but as you can easily mess up things, I did not trust much. But when I first heard about Shawn's work I said to myself "Yes he got it right!", then I saw his interview I was convinced ...

So for next, I m trying to provide optional hardening ptrace calls and will see what will come next.
As it is quite time consuming, I ll probably give much less time to some other projects but this is life !

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