Wednesday, 27 April 2016

For next ...

Hi folks,

I ve written for BSDMag since November 2014 and really enjoyed it, talking about so many different topics. Thanks to BSDMag team for this opportunity. I, however, will step back slightly from it (I may write time to time we ll see) to focus better on several open source projects I am more involved in, related to OpenBSD mainly. Apparently, regarding BSDMag twitter account, I am more recognised for my article about Unikernels (which I enjoyed quite a lot at this time I admit, that was quite a story ... I remember I originally wanted to use haproxy but at this time as not compilable under NetBSD hence I committed one of my first patch for this amazing proxy server :-)). Well, I start to believe this is a kind of my death legacy :-P

Joking apart, now I m focused specifically on Ardour porting to OpenBSD :-)

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