Saturday, 23 April 2016

Spring rising .... 2016

Hi folks,

long time no see ! First of all, the new BSDMag issue is out since a couple of days, all about kernels and syscalls, from the unikernel concept to how to install OpenBSD from source (which might involve some kernel features settings). My article is about FreeBSD's syscall. I hope this issue will bring into you a greed of curiosity.

Apart of this, I got a little more involved in OpenBSD's matters, directly or indirectly (i.e. porting more software related to multimedia, games, music making) in order to make this operating system more appealing and proving that yes it can be more than just an operating system for routers. It also said that 2016 is the year for OpenBSD and I believe it too.

At last, in the more professional point of view, since the last autumn I maintain a simple C implementation of the DeviceAtlas cloud service usage ... It is a modest piece of code but that does the job :)

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