Sunday, 22 May 2016

Program of the weekend

Hi folks,

In Ireland again a more or less rainy weekend so a good opportunity to stay at home and to hack into something :-) First of all I updated the DeviceAtlas Cloud C API which now has a C++(11) and Python 3 wrapper. Happily the latter does not suffer much of the performance hit due to this wrapping :-) and more importantly is very handy to use. Secondly, in a lighter note, I modified very slight caprice32, a Amstrad CPC emulator ;  basically took an opposite direction compared to other forks as instead of moving towards more C++ I got rid of all C++ parts  (which are very minimal originally and did not bring any significant added value) for pure C(99) ... plus a little more flexibility to set the root path. Otherwise all the rest remains the same, tested with Target Renegade and Gryzor/Contra which I both played 1 million of times (at least :-)) back in these days just to realize how ridiculous are my gaming skills now :-) all done mainly on OpenBSD a bit Linux too.

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