Thursday, 1 September 2016

Professional-wise ...

Hi folks,

Besides being a small open source contributor, I also code as a living and maybe some of you know I work for Afilias. Recently, I stepped back a bit from DeviceAtlas to work more for 101Domain since few weeks, so most of the time doing C++11 (more or less) which was a bit new as I handled only C++98 previously so smart pointers to say the least was not entirely known to me. Now I can say it s going better and I can barely look back at old fashion C++ :) still I do C with pleasure ...

Now, OpenBSD 6.0 is available breaking again the usual schedule dates (why not after all...), more and more features (the W^X rule is definitely worth the update although does not make easy the life of the packagers :-)) and proudly think that is more and more of me in each release, we will see if I can do more for 6.1 ;-) who knows ...

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