Friday, 24 June 2016

Further updates

Hi folks,

Since the last time, some tiny updates. Indeed, I recently discovered a promising new web server, called h2o very light, has a different approach than Apache and Nginx (i.e. it is mainly a shared library so it is possible to make an application on top of it ;  of course one is provided). So I modestly contributed to it, fixing few memory leaks (for the just released 2.0.1) + using arc4random wherever it is possible (for future 2.1.0 version).

Warzone2100 will benefit in the near future a couple of fixes. "Odd" feeling having played this in ~2000 when it was closed source and fixing issue now :-)

In a lighter note, DeviceAtlas Cloud C got a new release, a lot of changes since the last time in the meantime, new cache provider, new language wrappers and so on ;-)

This is all .. for now still has other things ongoing ;-)

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