Sunday, 7 August 2016

Back from holidays ...

Hi folks,

not a lot of news since the last time, just came back from Norway, a great opportunity to make a pause with everything. My goals still did not change however, I still focus on multimedia, at the moment particularly on video games.

For example, OpenMW, the famous reimplementation of Morrowind's client, is now workable on OpenBSD (was quite a thing to see the famous character creation's scene on my dedicated laptop :)), the changes were quite simple though. A major upgrade of the OpenBSD's supertuxkart port was made recently. Indeed, OpenBSD's ports and sec tree are now unlocked since OpenBSD 6.0 will be released quite soon. I have other plans for other video games, we will see ... Apart of video games, a little pull request for h2o was just merged.

At last beyond all of that, there is a little thing ongoing, I ll let you know in due time ;-)

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