Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Program of the week

Hi folks,

Several small updates since the last time. Indeed, nothing too major but a bunch of contributions here and there.

First of all, I contributed a little bit for the first time to php (7). No new features, just some fixes
this PR which is merged already and another one still pending but there is actually a lot of branching for the next 7.1 branch so a little patience is required ;) some people might think I might be insane to try to fix php but :) ... it s quite popular, used by most of my colleagues and myself too sometimes so that might be useful ;)

Also I try to make sure Haproxy compiles always on BSD hence this very recent patch for the very next future 1.7 release (for this autumn).

At last, was always curious how a video game is made in a technical point of view, I chose a simple (code wise) and old one ... Tremulous, which I forked and cleaned up quite a lot as first step. It is more for "self-education" than anything else but I have better understanding at least :) I have other plans for next after cleaning up, we ll see ;)

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