Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Hi folks,

It is already mid august, thus we are moving towards the last moments of the "very" sunny Ireland's summer :-). Professionally speaking, I was mentioning on my Linkedin profile I was tweaking nginx source code (very surprised by the number of views by the way), specifically the memory pools part. This subset, I call friendly tinynginx. Of course, there is lot of people before me doing that for more or less similar purposes. In my case, basically I wrote few memory checkers with or without instrumentation (pointer tracking etc), memory calls run-time replacement which use it. Now, since I use it under FreeBSD I replace within nginx pool source the standard calls by FreeBSD specific non standard ones, also adding proper valgrind macro "check points" as I can where I saw fit. And as I mentioned in this same post, mainly DeviceAtlas C++ api seems to benefit a little performance increase as long the pool is properly set.

As a quick test, I tried to see if I could transpose this pool feature into kernel module as the code is not the convoluted spaghetti one and it seems it does it seems ;-)

Apart of this, hopefully some of my last contributions will be merged, will keep you posted as usual :-)

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