Tuesday, 9 October 2018

BSD Now / EuroBSDCon

Hi folks,

I guess I am late :-) but just stumbled across the BSDNow episode where there is the last EuroBSDCon report and also the llvm 7 announce here ; that is the basically this year souvenir as was the interview the previous year :-) So I confirm as well thanks to Dimitry Andric for having helping for early review last year and now importing things into FreeBSD source tree :-)

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Countdown ...

Hi again,

Here you can see how many days left before OpenBSD decides to bump the versioning here ... Noted also that even though it is disabled wisely for now because of the tree lock, lldb had been imported. On OpenBSD it can debug a simple core dump, but can't attach to a process. But that is already a lot (and there is gdb from the ports too) ! so awaiting the tree unlock in the following weeks ... So great work from the small OpenBSD source team (as usual, but they never disappoint).

Noted as well BSDMag has been inactive for couple of months (at least in appearance), no new issue since the last time, hope all is fine over there in Poland ...

In a personal level not too much since, only I did a very little contribution to lugaru (was the opportunity to see I miss C++ some days :-)) also not visible yet but takes a bit into NetBSD world (I mean more than usual) as I do not necessarily like to limit my world and like to discover strengths from other perspectives.

From LLVM point of view, after Esan for FreeBSD is completely merged (frontend bit), I ll have a bit of Darwin work (possibly), we ll see.

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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Having an impact and feeling the weight of it

Hi folks,

Here, the number of meetup groups are rising, for various topics ; but just for IT matters, there is either ones which cover wide range of points some much more specific (related to a programming language, even a specific framework). Prove that people will always need to reunite face to face ; even more for technologies ... "ironically". They are mostly interesting in general even though I distantiate myself from it a little, at least at the moment.

Speaking of communication, finally the work I did for porting a subset of LLVM/compiler-rt to OpenBSD get noticed and some people reached me out about this. You kind of expect this, but in the same time catch you "out of guard" nevertheless :-) That proves it had been useful doing so, that solves real problems and grows a little bit the toolbox of the OpenBSD developer ...

To go on this, finally the first half of esan for FreeBSD had been committed, still waiting the frontend part thought to be fully usable ; in the meantime I spent few hours to abstract/refactor the php openssl module which seems to be an accepted idea, still wait to be merged then I will expand on this idea further more all of this, hopefully, for the future 7.4 release.

Also ... I had another take on nginx/njs recently after the little sandbox contribution. Basically improving a bit the crypto module. You can see the summary here ... Apart of this, the usual ... little video games fixes here and there.

This is it for now, waiting for late autumn releases (FreeBSD 12, php 7.3 and so on).

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Monday, 1 October 2018

6 years later ...

... after my arrival in Dublin I just realised how things went now starting autumn cleaning, throwing old things ... I did not think I would still be here :-)

So about news, OpenBSD 6.4 is expected in one month but might occur earlier now since couple of releases the usual pace had been broken ... Anyway the page already exist if you are curious. As usual, this release will be a breakthrough for better or worse depends how you see things :-)

In a more personal level, I started "serious" changes into LLVM 8, ported CFI (and merged) for FreeBSD and NetBSD, hopefully esan will follow soon-ish for FreeBSD (only for now). I m trying to back port for the soon 7.0.1 version my previous llvm xray fix ... we shall see.

Barony 3.2.2 had been committed into the FreeBSD ports tree and soon should follow OpenBSD. I did the same for pkgsrc (WIP) as well.

And also other little contributions here and there not yet committed which I ll mention in due time.

Happy beginning of autumn ;-)

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Monday, 24 September 2018

Back from EuroBSDCon ...

... and hopefully everybody made it without too much problems. So ... to summarise many people think it was a good year and I think the same, the content was pretty interesting in general and I appreciate every year ambiance, location ... change every time.
Here my personal classification :
Removing ROP Gadgets from OpenBSD
Taking NetBSD kernel bug roast to the next level : Kernel Sanitizers (and I find Kamil modest, his work is more important than it appears).
FreeBSD Graphics.
The End of DNS as we know it.
- FreeBSD/VPC: a new kernel subsystem for cloud workloads.
Better documentation – on the web and for LibreSSL (I understand better Ingo's work and its importance now).
- FreeBSD: What to (Not) Monitor 
- OpenBSD and Diving.
From “Hello World” to the VFS Layer: building a beadm for DragonFly BSD ... I hope Michael won t give up it is very hard for everyone to deliver great in the first try ; I appreciate seeing more unusual profiles like yours ;-)

Good things, like many does, I had the opportunity to do few of my usual hackeries in between so happy the Wifi and so on was good enough for everyone :-)

So now back to usual tasks ;-)

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Saturday, 22 September 2018

You always remember the first time ...

Hi folks,

Writing from Bucharest (for a change) after day one. Was pretty fullfilling (OpenBSD diving and proper BSD mandoc and LibreSSL documentation), even though I prefer the tomorrow's talks topics more or less. Also finally did my own talk (and pretty happy it happened early morning :-)).

As expected, Kamil delivered a great first part then was able to do mine even though I did no go through the whole content (let s say 80/85 % of) it was a good first time (was happy to see some smiles when there was humor :-)) and got enough questions of interests right after (and McCusick and Daroussin were attending :-)). So really people were more after libfuzzer than Xray instrumentation in general ... now it s available in LLVM 7 it will widen in various contexts for sure. Unfortunately no livestream but that was the only culprit but all the rest was good from warm local people to their food and other traditions.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Last post pre-EuroBSDCon

Hi folks,

September and its usual accelerating "things-being-made" pace, some events were/are occurring since the last time.

As previously planned LLVM 7.0 is finally released and announced. With so many new items (llvm-mca/exegesis and so on) I am so surprised my small contributions are mentioned :-) Thanks to the resilience of the testers it s done and behind. Starts to be available in some systems, for the Mac users you would have to wait a little bit to see whether in Homebrew (will happen shortly though, PR seems accepted) or simply as final binaries (just got uploaded) ... even more patient to see it landed in Xcode (most likely next year) :-) FreeBSD taking his time to import it as a package (still RC3 when I write) but since the differences are mainly about documentations ... it is pretty safe to still use this version.

Also, nginx/njs had accepted my little contribution, a basic sandbox mode, and released a new 0.2.4 version just this week here. It is always nice to be able to make a difference in such popular softwares :-)

Still contribute to radare2, more about fixing these days, to be able to have a more solid version than 2.9.0. Speaking of this, one of my old fixes got a CVE identifier here.

PHP 7.3 had really entered its RC phase now on master it s the future 7.4 and will start to think to provide few ideas (at least a small percentage of them) I kept wrapped until now.

After the incoming EuroBSDCon, LLVM 8 development with other usual folks like kamil or vitalybuka and so on will finally really start as there is still things (but exciting) ahead of us :-)

For now ... see you in Bucharest (for who is masochist enough for :-P)

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