Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hi folks.
During my free time I wanted to see the "status" of BSD and decided to dedicate an old laptop for OpenBSD. It is worthy, apart of its secure reputation, nothing fancy installed, everything is consistent and rocks solid.

The ASLR implementation is quite good and helpful to detect some "nasty" hidden bugs :-) and with MALLOC_STATS enabled (thanks Mr Moerbeek ... OpenBSD does not have Valgrind, not yet at least ...) for the memory leaks, I have all I need :-).

Then I checked the ASLR status for FreeBSD, the last BSD without it (I know FreeBSD since 2004 and I expect ASLR implementation on it since those years, while Linux has it since quite long time and it rocks solid ...). Still nothing ! But ... will be for the next 11 branch and can be set on/off not only globally but for a specific jail for example !

Awesome and quite interesting ... I am looking for it.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DeviceAtlas in your Windows ... that is possible now !

Hi folks,
This is my first article (and hopefully not my last :-)) for dotMobi. It is about the new IIS module for DeviceAtlas .

So now you have no reason to be jealous anymore if you are a Windows user, you can have DeviceAtlas detection features for any of your web application.
It was challenging but a guenine pleasure to do it for me :-).

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