Monday, 25 August 2014

Dragonfly BSD and spinlocks

Hi folks.

I made recently my first modest contribution to DragonflyBSD, it was about adding self description feature mostly to spinlocks. Was just accepted this morning after reviewing ! My small experience with OpenBSD led me to propose, as well, some overflow check fixes to some base utilities (some of those small issues still exist on FreeBSD, I made a small patch for it too) ... We will see if they ll accept as well ! But, whatever, this is a quite small community so it is already very good what they have done.

Besides, vacations are over for now, still things need to be started (like the article for my company...) !

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Various things ...

Hi folks.

I was glad to write an article for Device Atlas the last time, hopefully I may do it again about a completely different topic :-) and will do my best to make it helpful ...

Besides, Bundy, the DNS server from ISC for which I have contributed a little bit, is still under development. In the end of the summer, I will probably go back to it, I have another some few ideas which can be useful I think. We will see, they accepted PostgreSQL support the last year after all ...

For last, I made another version of Geoloc daemon for FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD. The latter I don't know much, quite discovered it since some few months. What I know it is more than "just" a FreeBSD fork but also, in my point of view, the most innovative among all BSD. Matthew Dillon (not the actor ;-))  and the other core developers' priorities are less clear than others. But they try some different directions, DragonflyBSD has a very good specific filesystem (Hammer, which can challenge ZFS and Btrfs ... ), has clustering capabilities ... Besides, Dillon himself is very skilled, and always has reasonable, fair words and points of view ... never insults other competitors. Kind of behaviour I appreciate pretty much.

But for now vacations' time :-)

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kea Beta 0.9

Hi folks.

As promised I added recently IP2Location support for Geoloc daemon. Meanwhile, I learnt that Kea from ISC, DHCP 4/6 server, finally reached its first beta version. I followed the exchanges in the mailing-list for some months and I am quite happy it is finally done ! Alongside of all amazing features all other developers put on it, I added PostgreSQL support (originally only MySQL and memfile support), better detection in BSD and Solaris systems support + few other small things ...

I ll probably go back on it after the summer, thanks to Tomek Mrugalski, my usual mentor ;-) .

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Geoloc and OpenBSD

Hi folks,

once again a rainy Sunday in Dublin but with my first significant open source contribution on my own : Geoloc daemon for OpenBSD which you can checkout in my github space here ...
It uses imsg's libutil (quite smart IPC system) like other system's daemons as an local unix socket service though. As its name suggests, it serves Geolocalization informations with some popular backends (Maxmind's GeoIP API, Device Atlas's Carrier Identification, might add IP2location's support pretty soon with some polishing).

I had considered other OSes before but then I decided to give a try to OpenBSD which I knew only as an user until now and was amazed by the consistency and the clarity of the whole source. So now I understand more why OpenBSD's folks are hard to people, it is for the better good :-) But some few ports to some sibling OSes are planned (at least another BSD ...), depends how things will go ... Besides doing pure C for awhile was not that bad, I really liked it :-)

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