Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Another Microkernel based OS ... with DeviceAtlas

Hi folks,

As usual, the ... unusual can get my attention. So this time, it is Minix 3 (the 3.3.0, but tested previously 3.2,0 which, apparently, did not have shared library linkage support ...), which is a quite small smart Unix OS. But this one is a Micro kernel based one and it is exactly one of the reasons it is interested me in first place. So if it is a micro kernel, not surprising, that the kernel itself does not have million of lines of code but only something like 9000 ... Also, the userland is NetBSD compatible, they gave up on GGC suite; then now it is the couple LLVM/Clang.

So after charging the two Device Atlas C++ API on this VM, everything was compiled in a few seconds (Remember it is NetBSD compatible so Carrier Identification is compilable directly). Very good ! All work as expected (apache module included...), did not get the issue I had with 3.2.0 version.

Althought I would not use Minix 3 as my daily OS (alright ... its first target is the embedded world...), it is somehow an interesting and worthy one, its educational "roots" should not make you think it is a very poor Unix like (it is SMP capable, has ASLR even in the kernel part ...).

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