Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bugs, bugs, bugs ...

Hi folks,

I m awaiting the great talk Shawn Webb will give this week end, I ll watch it once available for sure.
Meanwhile, things evolve smoothly for HardenedBSD, some FreeBSD are looking at it with interest, Oliver works hard to make Pax features better. In my side, I am still taking care of bugs in my own branch, some will be pushed upstream (one is already anyway ...), while I deal with more and more FreeBSD commiters, even more generally with other BSD people as well. I particularly like productive exchanges like this instead of making "flamewars" to each other.
There is no point and this is not interesting at all ;-)
This is quite good to get known with people I knew only via articles and such :-)

For last I wanted particularly thank Sean Bruno and Pedro Giffuni for their efforts.

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