Sunday, 27 August 2017

FreeBSD visiting Dublin

Hi folks,

We are approaching the end of autumn but unlikely feeling sad, indeed there is many events ongoing from september ;-) EuroBSDCon and probably few local events as well.

Apart of this, same as usual, some of my commits for various projects first some (indirectly) work related like the Cassandra driver where I brought a little bit of BSD "spirit" ... The incoming PHP 7.2 version where I just updated a component I updated already a while ago. Apart of this, Doomsday engine accepted my little fixes and a handful doom client engines :-) Few other things are still ongoing but that s pretty much all at the moment...

Last thing ... Benedict Reuschling the famous FreeBSD Foundation Vice-President and one of the BSDNow talkers visited us, the Dublin BSD Group, in Dublin sharing his great and long experience of FreeBSD growing popularity, his great documentation knowledge and lot of great anecdotes and showing his love to teach to other people.

Hopefully, we ll see each other again in the next EuroBSDCon with some other BSD folks ;-)

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