Thursday, 19 October 2017

Welcome autumn

Hi folks,

As expected, I came to the EuroBSDCon 2017 in Paris, there is no regrets in my side, will do it again if I have the opportunity following years. Indeed, speaking about opportunities, it was the chance to see face to face people just to say I have not forgotten what you did for me a while ago so thank you, ... met Ted Unangst, Theo de Raadt (he does not bite I promise ;-)), Marc Espie, Landy Breuil, Ed Maste, Michael Lucas (besides his wide knowsledge, he is a genuine funny individual) ... just to name few of them ;-) Also obviously, attending very interesting speeches (I tried to share between FreeBSD and OpenBSD ones as possible). The organisers did a great job (I admit now, sorry for that :-), I feigned ignorance, pretending I  lost my way to the hotel on our way back from the boat party ... just to see ... and they did very good ;-)) to the point talks were released in not much days after the end (what an end it was, ...) which you can find here if you are ever interested.

After that, back to small hacking as usual since OpenBSD switched to clang (now it is the 5 version after the source tree was unlocked from 6.2), contributed back to LMMS, the usual various doom client engines (even Russian doom, fork of chocolate doom, cherry picked up few of my commits :-)), open tomb, open spades, yquake2, a pending contribution for dustracing2d (in review by the main maintainer) ...

About Dublin BSD Meetup, it will be the first about OpenBSD, and will happens, normally, the 26th. It should be friendly but "knowledge giver" as always.

And, ..., following up the EuroBSDCon, I got interviewed by ... BSDNow :-) having watched the show for years and being in the other side of the mirror, that was quite an experience :-)

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