Thursday, 30 November 2017

Autumn's releases

Hi folks,

Soon it is Christmas, but before that there are couple of releases worth to mention :

- Haproxy 1.8.0 which represents a tremendous amount of work (HTTP2 is the most noticeable new feature). But since there are so many additions, this is not a release for the "fainted hearts", thus I m not advising for everybody but only to people ready to face bugs and to help to make precise reports. Otherwise I would recommend waiting Q1 2018 at least. Also to mention W. Tarreau had spent ~15 years working in Haproxy project apparently ... that s quite a commitment :-)

- PHP 7.2.0 ... lot of bug fixes (since 7.0 they really take things seriously, the code quality had increased noticeably) and enough nice new features.

For which I made my shares of pull requests ... There also numerous projects to which I contributed ... Cassandra c++ driver ... mod security/mod_defender ... mariadb ... h2o ... and even more tiny pull requests here and there ... I did a bit a pause with video games (I still look strongly at barony though mainly) and try to port to *BSD what can be :-)

Seemingly OpenBSD is going to (finally) support TLS (for Thread Local Storage) natively :-) lot of softs I contribute to needs this and using gcc from ports with emulated TLS is just a "band aid" at the moment (not counting the C++14 and > projects )... We can count on @kettenis to provide it for 6.3 :-)

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