Thursday, 22 March 2018

LLVM and other things ...

Hi folks,

Soon it will be OpenBSD 6.3 release with, as usual, its long list of nice surprises ... if you re impatient you can always try the snapshots which are relatively stable usually.

It has been a little while but since the last time, I became more involved into LLVM, mostly the sanitiser part and targeting FreeBSD proper support :
- Memory Sanitiser.
- Xray instrumentation.
- Thread Sanitiser support improvement.

Also, from that I worked on bringing at least UndefinedBehavior Sanitiser support for OpenBSD. Indeed until now, OpenBSD did not support any. The downside is few of them will be supported, for instance MemorySanitiser, AddressSanitiser ... won't be supported due to shadow memory metadata requirements and ASLR which can't be deactivated.

In a more generic context, I brought simple mmap calls checker at compile time and run time contexts both merged ever since.

At last, Barony "Blessed Edition" had been released and glad having participated a little bit into it, the time the release appears on their repository, time to update the WIP package...

Also, I wrote an article about the state of gaming into OpenBSD for BSDMag. Things may have evolved since the writing but most of the facts are still pretty accurate I believe. Hope you ll enjoy the reading. I have another article scheduled soon-ish ...

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