Friday, 29 December 2017

Already end of the year ... looking forward to 2018

Hi folks,

I hope you got a great 2017 year in most of topics as possible :-)

In my side, it has been pretty good with some surprises along the way from the usual open source contributions to the EuroBSDCon in Paris, while not forgetting the BSDNow interview ...

Since the last time, couple of pull requests in various projects had been merged, from php, to cassandra/C++ driver and couple of video games ... Speaking of video games, thfrwn posted lately a list (not definitive though) of playable of video games on OpenBSD in (of course playable on FreeBSD and most of them should work on NetBSD as well), proud to see some of games I contributed to (here a little into of Barony beta version) :-) ; list mentioned a bit in the last BSDNow of the year ...

Some of my contributions are still opened for review but the most important is behind already, we will be proudly close 2017's chapter soon and embrace 2018 with positivity, at least this is what I hope for all of you dear readers :-)

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