Thursday, 12 April 2018

OpenBSD 6.3, clang 6.0 in base ...

Hi folks,

Since the last time, OpenBSD 6.3 had been released the network stack improvements finally available for everyone ;-) unfortunately the new MAP_STACK protection could not make it in time  (not entirely, the most important checking part is not here but was just committed very recently) so see you for 6.4 then ...

This is also, as FreeBSD, the opportunity to update clang in base, so the 6.0.x branch which leads to update quite some "legacy style" C++ softwares/libraries since it s C++17 by default, some updates are more complicated than others but usually are smooth ... I myself try to help out a little bit in this regard.

To keep on OpenBSD, after the UBSan support I worked on the Xray instrumentation and Fuzzer support. Will do a bit of static code analysis work afterwards but I realise the majority of my ideas went through LLVM and am surprised, the LLVM community is pretty welcoming in general :-)

Now it is the spring with "nicer" weather (if I can say that for Ireland :-)) and wish you enjoy it.

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