Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Flourishing May

Hi folks,

Right into the spring now, since the last post there is also rapid changes here and there :
- Finally Barony, following up the 3.1.4 release (and its availability on, had been imported into the OpenBSD ports tree, thanks to @bcallah, @thfr, and later on @solene for their tight collaboration so users of the future 6.4 release of OpenBSD will be able to play (if you re impatient, snapshots are always available). Import which led me to submit a PR for further improvements. The FreeBSD port is still under review.
- In the LLVM area, I nearly reached my goals whether it is into the sanitizer or the static analysis part ; even a little bit of LLDB if I can.
- Apart of these, did usual small contributions here and there, following up if X or Y still compile under our preferred BSD ...
- Back also to writing, still an article for BSDMag to finish hopefully before this summer.

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